Porsche Spark Plug Change Intervals
Turbo and Normally Aspirated Engines

Does your Turbo Porsche require spark plugs sooner than a Normally Aspirated Porsche?

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It’s a question we get asked a lot, but when it comes to Turbocharged Porsches, particularly newer models like the Macan, Cayenne, and 911 models, Porsche Canada recommends having your spark plugs changed every ~50,000km, and for good reason.  With more and more vehicles being turbocharged from the Porsche factory, we’d like to remind owners that your spark plug change interval is more frequent, and a must, to ensure optimum performance from your turbocharged vehicle.  Spark plugs are not something that we tend to think much about when out for a Sunday drive, perhaps we might even forget they exist because they have such a long-lasting life.  Although small in size, the spark plug is a major part of the engine’s performance.  The plug creates a spark to ignite the fuel and gas mixture that is in the combustion chamber.  The spark plug’s other job is to also transfer heat away from the combustion chamber.  Because turbo vehicles force more air into the engine cylinders, their average running temperatures can be quite a bit hotter, meaning quicker wear on the engine’s parts.

When a spark plug is wearing out you may experience common symptoms like: misfiring, jerking & a decline in fuel economy. The reason why fuel economy may decline is due to the fuel is not completely and efficiently burning, but rather going out the tail pipe as wasted energy. This can happen more often with small short trips that don’t allow the spark plug time to get hot enough to burn off all the impurities.
Manufacturers are leaning towards turbocharged engines because they can get more power out of a smaller engine. Smaller engines also mean better fuel economy which is a priority in today’s world. A more economic engine that has been turbocharged does mean more preventative maintenance is required to keep it in great shape.

It is recommended to change your spark plugs in a turbocharged vehicle every 50,000km, or earlier depending on condition.
It is recommended to change your spark plugs in a naturally-aspirated vehicle every 80-100,000km, depending on condition.
It’s well-worth it to have your spark plugs changed at the recommended interval, as performance and enjoyment are both affected by poor vehicle performance. There’s no sense in letting your vehicle’s performance go to waste!

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