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Macan 2015 - 2018

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Riegel Tuning are Calgary’s trusted Porsche Service and Repair experts since 1976.  We have been providing warranty friendly service for Macan’s since their launch in 2015.

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Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) and Maintenance Tips for Macan 2015 -2018

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Porsche continued its success in the SUV market by launching the Macan in 2015.   Internally called the “95B”, the Macan is the first Porsche model to be launched with only turbocharged motors.   In addition, the only transmission offered is a “PDK” (Porsche Dual Clutch) with paddle shift. The Macan “Base” model has a proven 2.0 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine borrowed from Audi and VW, while the Macan “S” and GTS” use the 3.0 litre V6 with different levels of horsepower.   The top of line Macan is simply called Macan “Turbo”.   It is powered by the class leading 3.6 litre V6 putting out 400 horsepower, with an additonal 40 horspower if ordered with the facotry Powerkit.  The Macan’s four-wheel-drive system is closer in function to the 911, than a Cayenne.   It is rear-wheel-drive first, and electronically puts power to the front wheels.   The brake calipers and discs are also typically less expensive to replace than most Cayenne models due to the rear brakes shared with Audi.  Overall the Macan weighs approx 400-450 pounds less than an equivalent spec Cayenne, ensuring nimble handling and brisk acceleration.

The Macan is generally considered to be a very reliable vehicle.   At time of this writing (late 2019), early Macan’s will be out of their factory warranty.  Riegel Tuning provides Service for Macan’s that both have existing warranty, and for those requiring major repair outside of the warranty period.  See below for a list of key areas to inspect and maintain, as well as “Campaigns” (Porsche-Speak for TSB – Technical Service Bulletings): 

  • Timing Cover Oil Leaks – this is an Engine-Out major service and should be inspected and documented closely before the warranty expires on your Macan.  A Riegel Tuning Service Inspection report will document this with pictures and video.   We provide you with a weblink’d copy of the Inspection Report so you can reference this with your local Porsche dealer BEFORE your warranty expires.
  • Other Oil Leaks – the engine bay in the Macan is just big enough to accomodate the V6 twin turbo engine, leaving little room to access parts that may need to removed in order to repair Oil Leaks.  For this reason, it is important to stay on top of any minor or major leaks and combine repairs while other parts may require repair or replacement.
  • Carbon buildup on the intake valves and ports, causing engine knock and Check Engine codes.   Inspection and cleaning is recommended at 100,000 km’s and at 50,000 km intervals after.
  • Recalls that should be confirmed as being completed on your Macan (or one that you may be purchasing) are:
  • RECALL Subject : Fuel Pump Flange May Crack Causing Fuel Leak
  • RECALL Subject : Anti-Rollbar Links may Shift out of Position
  • Other known Factory Porsche Service Campaigns, also referred to as a “TSB” – Technical Service Bulletin, continually updated:

    2015 – WE47 – Storing Collapsible Spare

    2015 – WE49 – Rear Door Sill Protective Film

    2015 – WE52 – Cooling System Vent Line

    2015 – WE58 – Check roof console without PAO light

    2015 – WE60 – Program Update to the PDK/DME Control Unit

    2015 – WE88 – Replace Rear Spray Nozzle

    2015 – WF14 – Reprogram DME Control Unit

    2015 – WF27 – Perform PCM (w/ XM radio) update

    2015 – WF61 – Reprogram A/C System Control

    2015 – WF74 – Re-programming DME control unit

    2015 – WF80 – Re-programming all-wheel drive control unit

    2017 – WG39 – Updating PCM [4.0] and reprogramming Instrument Cluster

  • 2015 – WE34 – Check front lid gap

  • 2015 – WE33 – Replace tank leakage diagnosis unit

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