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Since 1976, we have been taking exceptional care of luxury European automobiles after the OEM warranty has expired – this is our specialty and true passion. We maintain the same standards and attention to detail that was started by Roland Riegel. Quality and safety remain our cornerstones. It is our policy to recommend and use only the highest quality brand new parts and supplies when servicing your vehicle.

We will schedule service inspections for your automobile that include fluid and filter changes in accordance with your manufacturer’s warranty maintenance schedule. With the latest software scanning tools, we can check and monitor your new vehicle’s condition, and perform and certify all scheduled maintenance required by your OEM warranty. You will receive:

  • Email notice of any needed service, including a description of work required and appointment time.
  • Complimentary safety inspection report and a complimentary wheel alignment check
  • Authorized estimate prior to any work being done.

Our team of expertly trained technicians are here to service your European automobile:

  •  Audi
  • Porsche
  • Mercedes- Benz
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen

At Riegel, Quality is everything; we are an independent shop that has an invested interest in taking care of you and the needs of your fine European automobile. Our thorough diagnosis and analysis by our Certified Journeyman technicians identifies the source of the problem for your OEM warranty concerns.  Our technicians get just as excited sharing with you and walking you through the work they performed on your luxury vehicle.

We combine your manufacturer’s service schedule with our emphasis on maintaining the safety and reliability of your automobile. Our Seasonal Maintenance Plans leave your vehicle in sound condition before and after a long Albertan winter.


Seasonal Maintenance Plans

Spring Spruce Up

Temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer. Now is the time for the Spring Check to give your car a clean bill of health after the harsh winter. In all Seasonal Checks, we first inspect the underlying functions and condition of the engine, chassis and underbody, as well as the exterior and interior equipment and the lighting. We also inspect the condition of your summer performance tires then mount, balance and install them on your vehicle.

Winter Check

Our Winter Check is designed to ensure that your European automobile is fully prepared for the colder months of the year. On the basis of our defined checklist, we will carefully check the vehicle and comprehensively prepare it to endure the inclement weather. Part of that preparation is inspecting the condition of your winter tires then mounting, balancing and installing them for safer winter driving.

Riegel highly recommends the use of winter tires during our cold Alberta winter. The rubber compound of these tires allows them to remain flexible for improved handling while the tread pattern provides better traction in snow and on ice.


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